A couple of Red kites fighting over some chicken.

It took me 3 months to coax them down to take some food from the garden. It was well worth the wait!!!

Despite the weather

Breeding season, still?

Mating fliesMating flies 2

Down at the bottom of the garden.

Our little ladybird adventure

Yesterday, I went out with my daughters for a little walk, which turned into a little Ladybird adventure!


It’s understandable that my youngest showed no fear towards these little insects, however, my eldest is a different story. Due to being in full time education, and working part time on top of that, I have had little time to introduce her to the natural world.

Usually she screams at the first site of anything that isn’t human. But with a little bit of encouragement, and the fact that her baby sister was doing it, she let a ladybird crawl on her.


Maybe there’s hope for her after all?!

At this point of the year, it is the breeding season for our, newly found little, red friends. My eldest found this very amusing, asking: “is he having a ride?” and giggling at the males bottom wiggling about in the air.


What I found interesting is that I found them all on surfaces facing the sun!


All in all, we had a very good day. Both my children found some courage with facing the unknown, making me a very happy daddy.

(Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. Next time I shall take a camera, instead of a phone)



Thunderf00t’s: The Amazing Universe (through the eyes of a universe)

The most poetic view of the universe, I have ever heard.


Social rank ‘linked to immunity’

Social rank ‘linked to immunity’