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More contest entries on Viewbug. Help please?

Shallow Depth Photo Contest by Sigma

Thirsty Work


These two photos, I believe are best suited to this contest where a shallow depth of field is used. The photo contest winners receive Sigma lenses, so I would appreciate your support getting them some votes. Just click on the photo you like, which will take you to it’s place on, then just click on “vote now” located on the right hand side of the screen.

The Green Color Photo Contest

2012-07-05 18.03.40

Rose-Ringed Parakeet #2Rose-Ringed Parakeet 

This photo contest is for photographs that incorporate green in some way. Again, just click on the photo you like the best, then vote by clicking the “vote now” button.

And finally, the:

Dynamic Lines Photo Contest

SAMSUNG CSCThis contest is for photos that show lines as a main feature of the photo. My photo is of the spiral staircase at the exit to the Vatican Museum. If you like it, click on the photo then click on the “vote now” button.

Thank you in advance for the help 🙂